Thomas Lisle (Leeds UK 1962 – )

thomas lisle

Modern Art Gallery is de exclusieve vertegenwoordiger van Thomas Lisle in Nederland en België.
Wij hebben geen werk van hem in voorraad, maar we kunnen het direct bestellen.
Alle prijzen zijn exclusief verzendkosten en eventuele invoerrechten.

Modern Art Gallery is the exclusive representative of Thomas Lisle in the Netherlands and Belgium.
We do not have work of him in stock, but we can order it directly.
All prices are exclusive of shipping cost and possible import duties.

Short biography

Nationality: British
Education: Jacob Kramer College of Art, Leeds
University of Reading, Fine Art Department, Degree


University of Reading (2 days), Slade School of Art (4 weeks), Southwark College (short course 10 days)
Kingsway College, Winchester College of Art (2 days), Sir John Cass (short course 10 days)

Selected solo exhibitions

1986 ‘Georges Bataille is Dead’
London Film Makers Co-op Summer Festival restructured video and slides, Sound Laurence Hughes.
1986 “9 Doughty Street” Cibachromes, prints, installation, Bloomsbury London ‘A Sea Shanty’ restructured video,
1986 “The Daylight Club” the Diorama and exhibition in Gallery of paintings with video monitors, . ‘ A Walk in the
Garden’ (nudes 5x slide projectors), ‘Trees’ (nudes 5x slide projectors), Slide   over 6 months
1987 “Ravensdales” Broadcast Edit facilities with gallery, Soho, installation. 1.5 x 1.2m prints
1987 “The Church Gallery” Marble Arch London ‘Aeroplane’ (kinetic slides from restructured video) 1 month.
1987 “Blast R101”Ormans Club, St James, London, Permanent Installation commission, 1 year.
1988 “The Third Eye Centre” Glasgow ‘Aeroplane’ two weeks installationn and Artist in residence. 1 week.
1988 “Stoke Scultpure Court Commissionon and installation “Fish out of Water”
1989 “The Smith” Gallery Stirling, Scotland, “Fish out of Water’( kinetic slides from restructured video) 1 month.
1992 “The Newlyn Orion Gallery”, Cornwall “Fish out of Water”
1992 “The Aspex Gallery” Portsmouth “Fish out of Water”
1993 “Puskinskaya 10” Cbetz Kosak Gallery, St Petersberg “Fish out of Water British Council Funded
1993”The Bunker” (old Atomic Bunker) St Petersburg Russia
1994 “James Hockey Gallery” “A Domestic Opera” Installation, Arts Council Video Dept Funded
1999…”Selfless Princess” with “Kala Sangam” Asian Dance Company, The Alhambra Bradford.
2009…”That which Transpires behind that which Appears” 3 digital animations videos “The Universal” Maida
and the 291 Gallery with the London Biennale and performace by David Medella
2011…”Behind Vision” 55 watercolour paintings “Koukan Gallery London
2013 Koukan Gallery, October, “The Way is not straight forward” and 15 paintings oil on canvas


The Tate London
“Aeroplane “ an artists Book of photos in specially constructed box
Museum Of Modern Art New York
“Aeroplane “ an artists Book of photos in specially constructed box
The New Museum, New York
“Aeroplane “ an artists Book of photos in specially constructed box
Museum Of Modern Art New York
complete documentation in archives ‘ongoing’
The Raymond Moore Archives
“Aeroplane “ an artists Book of photos in specially constructed box
The Creasey Collection, Salisbury
Images from ‘A walk in the Garden’

Collection of Videos

Collection of Videos
St Martins Video Art Archive
Collection of Video art works
Broadcast Videos
The Landscape Channel, Channel 4
“Fish out of Water”