Natasha Stergianos (1978 – )

natasha stergianos

Natasha was born 1978 in Namibia and moved to the Eastern Cape of South Africa at the age of 7. From early childhood she excelled in art at school. She started working in an art gallery at the age of 19. After relocating to Cape Town, she worked in the corporate industry but always found her escape and happiness in creating art for he own satisfaction. She started out exhibiting some of her work in Cape Town art galleries and proved to be very popular. Her very original ideas lead to her now pursuing art as a fulltime career.

Although I started out painting more traditional art pieces my rebellion tendency to be different lead me to evolve into mixed media art, abstract and contemporary art. My greatest love is nature and having Africa run through my veins, I draw my inspiration from its complexity to its simplicity. The vibrant African sunsets, stormy beaches, arid deserts, bushveld’s textures and all the shapes, unbelievable colours Africa has to offer reflects in my creations.