Lucille Lee (1998 – )

lucille lee

Lucille Lee is a US citizen and currently lives in New Jersey, USA.

Lucille majored in Fine Art and Painting at The University of The Arts in
Philadelphia and Textile/Surface Design at the Fashion Institute of
Technology in NYC.

Lucille’s figurative paintings carry a sense of elegance and romance.
“Everything is a miracle in my art” she once said. There’s an air of confidence
in the subject matter through her use of colors and lines with softness. Shades
and colors are painted freely in her work which sets no limitation to her artmaking
process. The moment she starts to paint, the thoughts and ideas flow
through naturally and joyfully.

Her female figurative paintings combine classicism, renaissance, and
impressionism. You can find traces of magnificence similar to those of old
masters like John Sargent or Giovanni Boldini. The bold yet very dynamic
brushstrokes, expressed in her characteristic elegance and tranquility, create
unique, beautiful feminine forms full of modern style with a classical taste.