Mary Joan Hinson (Jacksonville (USA) 1969 – )

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Modern Art Gallery is de exclusieve vertegenwoordiger van Mary Joan Hinson in Nederland, België en Duitsland.
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Modern Art Gallery is the exclusive representative of Mary Joan Hinson in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
We do not have work of her in stock, but we can order it directly.
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Short biography

Mary Joan took painting lessons as a small child, developing a love of oils and the unique pigments they offered. She continued her studies into adulthood in the United States, Europe, and the Far East. She became a Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities at Florida State College, Jacksonville. In 2005, she received her PhD and continued to teach and exhibit throughout the eastern United States. In 2020 she decided to focus solely on her artistic endeavours, and since has produced large scale murals in the neighbourhood of St. Nicholas and the NAS navy base. She also had a solo exhibition at the Goodyear Cottage of the Jekyll Island Resort.

In her work earth power reflects a world that exists deep in cognitive awareness.  Looking at nature, she sees the organic interaction of colour, shape and form.  The momentary effects of light, air and water movement are considered when she develops her compositions.  Work is started without a preconceived notion, but executed according to the highest standards of technique and craftsmanship. The final presentation is professionally complete.


PhD in Philosophy, Capella University, 2005

Select Exhibitions and Mural Applications:

Florida State College at Jacksonville South Gallery, Lake Anne Gallery Reston Virginia, Complete Choice Gallery, Southlight Gallery, Brest Museum, Cork District Arts, Torpedo Factory Art Centre, Savannah Design works, Beaches Fine Arts Center, Reston Roller Rink, A Child’s Place Clothing Store, Skate Road 13, Durkeeville & Co., Sublime Abstraction, Animals in Art, Nature’s Abstraction, FemArt, St. Nicholas Historical Mural, Jacksonville International Airport, Animal Portraiture, Goodyear Gallery, Naval Air Station Jacksonville,  European Creations, Jekyll Island Art Association, St. Augustine Art Association, Word Revolt Gallery

Selected Employment:

Professor of Visual Arts and Humanities, Florida State College at Jacksonville: 1995 – 2020
Art History and Humanities courses: Art History I, Art History II, Art Appreciation, Intro Humanities
Professor of Design, Laureate University: 2015 – 2020

Selected Awards and Honours:

Jekyll Island Goodyear Cottage Solo Exhibition Award
Brest Museum Painting Award
Sublime Abstraction Painting Award
NAS Jacksonville Auditorium Commission Award
Earth Day Exhibition: Planetary Award for Best Painting